Are Cheap Skip Bins Still Effective For Waste Removal?

Brent Taylor

Generally, skip bins are a cost-effective way to remove waste. Whatever the purpose, this simple method of clearing up and cleaning out has been synonymous with ease and efficiency for years.

In the past, hiring a skip would have seen as only for builders and particular companies requiring large format waste removal options.

Today, thankfully the landscape has changed enough for this form of waste management to be available for everyone.

So, you want to do your job on the cheap?

I think we’re all in touch with that emotion, however, there's cost-effective and there's cheap with a compounding headache as a side dish.

Let’s look at the ways that efficiencies immediately translate to savings on skip bin hire, and keeping budgets in the black at all times.

Do You Get What You Pay For?

There are a few things in life each of us refuses to skimp on. It's a personal decision based on our own internal cost analysis.

Start the conversation at any dinner party and chances are the things that most people refuse to go cheap on are quite similar.

(Twenty bucks says at least one, if not all, will say toilet paper).

Services supplied are no different.

Costing is a common denominator for all users however is the need to be advised correctly and be clear on costs. The bins costs will be clearly stated inclusive of all scenarios, with no hidden surprises at the end.

It is a false economy to go for some random business with a bin or two for rent, only to find the service and responsibility just isn't there

Efficiency is important and will generally equate to cost from home renovations to large construction sites

The Right Moves

While an effective waste removal solution, keep in mind that you are at the centre of your efficiencies and cost control when considering skip bin hire.

  • Do You Need Me?

Have enough waste to make having a skip worth your while. If you have less than 2 cubic meters this may not be for you. There are alternatives better suited to smaller

It’s just a matter of knowing the job at hand and calculating what is best for you. The rest can be sorted out by your supplier.

Don’t forget to get some advice if you’re new to this.

A reputable and interested supplier will guide you on the best skip bin hire for your needs.

  • Not all Waste is Created Equal

Knowing what waste is suited to skip bins is imperative. No-one wants chemicals, dangerous goods or other hazardous materials hanging around. Neither does your skip bin supplier.

Know what you have before the call is made. Naturally, get some tips on the best ways to dispose of what you have, if unsure.

  • We Need to Talk

Uh-oh. We all know that’s the beginning to a conversation that won’t end well.

The right skip bin hire partnership will make a big difference to your end result. Communication is key. Understanding their part in the process assist with a seamless partnership.

Even if you’re the strong silent type, find a way to get any concerns across.

Value for Money

Long-time admirer, first time user?

 Get yourself acquainted with a skip bins versatility by doing a bit of research.  Awareness on what type skip is best for your needs will go a long way to having incorrect sizing and material types a nightmare that other people have.

Go for the bin that suits

Want it for a long time? Negotiated pricing may be the way to a happier you.


We all share some common ground when wanting to do things right, but also striving for the best and most affordable options.

Skip Bin Hire Australia can help you get the best of both worlds. Affordable suitable skip bins, with pricing, high service levels and industry experience that will have you come back again and again.

Let us quote you the best bin for your needs. Contact us today and get the job done right.

Image: Unsplash

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