How Skip Bins Help With Garden Waste Removal

James Sewell

The majority of waste ends up in landfills. It’s a fact that many people would rather not think about, but we can reduce the amount that unnecessarily is disposed of incorrectly.

For this reason it is important to know what type of skip bin is best for your project.

For garden waste, there is a fit for purpose solution for disposal in the form of a skip bin.

Why Is Green Waste Important

Removing green waste correctly is good for the environment. Most green waste can be recycled into compost which allows the waste to decay normally via oxygen. Compost can be put back into the ground to enrich the soil, promoting healthier and more organic gardening.

What’s Compost? Simply put, compost is the breaking down of organic matter through natural decomposition. This process breaks down matter which would have otherwise be discarded as regular household rubbish and transforms it into a nutrient-rich additive for soil regeneration and health.

It pays to think twice when considering a big garden clean up. It is sometimes the littles things that people do which create a better environment not only for themselves but for their community in general.

How Can a Skip Help

Having a skip dedicated for green garden waste allows you to fee up others for varied materials.

Garden waste, tree cuttings and the results of your landscaping genius can tend to end up all other the property.

Placed correctly, all materials are contained which means fewer issues for you.

So too, for any professional service you have gone with. A landscapers will love you for your forethought. If you’re paying a landscape designer by the day, there’s less time needed for clean-up.

It’s one of the most time consuming waste types to collect.

Why not make it easier for yourself and your wallet.

One drop hits the spot.

Remove the Hazzard

We all know rubbish attracts mice, pests, snakes and other nuisances.

Bundles of overgrown garden waste can pretty quickly become a five-star birthing suite for all critters great and small. Consider your pets if you have them.

Pests don’t discriminate. They don’t care if you’re in an urban or a rural area.

Similarly, rodents are attracted to the human habit of harbouring a multitude of stuff.

It’s not an urban legend. Rat conventions do exist.

If you think you’ve frightened them off with a torch, while sporting your impressive Wolverine undies, don’t worry. They’ll be back.

Undercover of darkness, much like the Stonemasons of old, they will merely reconvene at a time better suitable.

Pests of all descriptions can also do damage to your property. Give them an inch, they’ll take your yard.

What Can’t I Put in the Bin?

In the spirit of advice and support, common sense really does prevail here. Careful consideration is required when it comes to all sorts of waste removal via skip bins, and garden or “green waste” is no different.

No liquids should be placed in the skip. Contained or otherwise, this just isn’t a suitable dumping ground for all paint, thinners, solvents, pressurised vessels or any garden pesticides and what-not you’ve been using to give your site a decent haircut.

If you are not sure it’s a good idea to ask the question first before the furrowed brows of onlookers and collectors make you wish you had.

What’s Next?

When your council green lidded bin isn’t enough (let’s face it, when is it ever?) look to a more suitable method of garden waste removal.

For all the advice and support you need for your next project, give us a call.

The hard yards can be made significantly easier when you do things right from the beginning.

Contact us for a quote, and your garden clean-ups, and any associated concerns will be a thing of the past.


Image: Unsplash

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