5 Things To Do After You Fill Your Skip Bin

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So, the job’s done. Getting to the end of a clean-up project large or small will leave you with a certain sense of achievement, but before you twist the top of that cold one, ask yourself one thing.

Has the fat lady sung?

What could be left? While some of the things to remember can be done at any time during the process, it is the end where they truly become points to underline.

With the whole life process in mind, you will realise the end is just as important as the beginning.

Look at the following as simply a checklist.

Do Not Disturb

It is not a good idea to attempt to move the bin from where it was placed.

Even if you have the means to, moving the skip may lead to spillages that can cause a hazard for those around. Also, moving a skip bin from its initial set down point may render pick up more difficult.

All this can incur the cost of both time-wise and monetary.

Look After Me

Look after the skip bin.

This might speak to the former point of not moving the bin, but as a general rule, the bin is someone else's property. The bin belongs to the skip company and is their tool of trade.

You may see it as a beat-up old indestructible world-weary disposal unit, but someone flicking a lit cigarette but into a bin filled with old books might just give you more than you bargained for.

Damage to the bin will likely add costs to your job you don’t want.

Check Material Load capacity

Bins cannot be filled above the top rail.  Loose items cause major traffic hazards and a threat to other road users if they fall while being transported.

Not only do incorrect practices pose safety issues for the transporting of the bin away from the site, but also hold serious risk for anyone working around the bin.

These guidelines are for everyone’s benefit and are not just something dictated by the supplier. Legislative and simple road rules apply when dealing with load restrictions.

If you’re not sure, ask. 

Check Your Schedule

Public holidays, disposal issues, and other factors may all lead to delays. The skip bin will be picked up usually on the day confirmed or a near to as possible.

Sometimes bin collection is confirmed but unforeseen circumstances mean the bin needs to be left there. The best is to contact the supplier. Keeping everyone in the loop means fewer headaches and a smoother stress-free transaction.

Skip bin companies have time restraints like anyone else, so there might be an occurrence whereby the skip cannot be picked up on the confirmed day.

Check the schedule and then check it again

Things happen, it’s no big deal, as long as everyone knows what’s happening.

Contact Your Supplier

Great. Once you’re happy, it’s time to make contact to arrange removal of the skip.

Have you already had a conversation with your skip bin supplier?  Previous contact always helps pave the way for the best result. If they are aware of your needs and concerns from the get-go you'll both be happier.

Just as a quick point, and it may seem like a simple thing but have all contact details handy. You’d be surprised at how much time people waste looking for phones numbers and names scribbled on long-gone scraps of paper and post-it notes.

Bring your job to the end the right way with Skip Bin Hire Australia. Contact us today.

We have the assistance you need and the experience that makes all the difference.

What’s that sound?

Finally, the dulcet tones of your rotund, singing nemesis.

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