What Projects Are Small Skip Bins Best For?

Brent Taylor

Smaller skips are perfect for general domestic purposes. There’s always a job to do around the house that we put off for a better time.

Small skips can help you get rid of everything from the stored to the ridiculous. You’ll be surprised at the space clearing out can free up.  

Space for more important pursuits.

Different stuff. Better stuff.

Did you really think the urge to ‘collect' things would go away?

Gatherer of memories, or a borderline hoarder (it’s ok, we know there’s a fine line) a small-sized skip can be your ideal solution.

Free up your space for your next big thing.

Household Cleaning

The best way to get the right skip for your job is to understand their best uses.

Smaller skips or mini skips can be used for a variety of purposes. Let's take a look at the reasons you'll kick yourself for never hiring one before.

  • Cleaning out the Garage.

When the trusty Saturday garage sale just isn’t enough, it may be time to get rid of things another way. Try donating some of the more worthy items, or giving away old bikes and wooden toys for recycling and repurposing.

If no-one wants your crap there’s only one way forward.

Skip it.

  • Garden Clearing

Whether the lantana is threatening to take over unless you meet its demands, or the bottlebrush simply needs a haircut, clear up the yard with the aid of a small skip. Depending on the job, smaller skips allow you to dispose of the garden waste in one go.

Tend to the soil and re-plant with fruit trees, or natives that attract birds for an ecological footprint more beneficial for everyone.

  • Renovation Project

Getting rid of that salmon pink toilet suite? Maybe it’s the Brady Bunch-style orange laminate countertops that have outlived their welcome.

Send it all ceremoniously back to the 1970’s - skip style

Smaller-scale refurbishing jobs only require a small scale solution. Don't pay for a large skip when you only need something fit for purpose.

  • Moving House

Say no more. We all do it at some point.

Be ready.

Why a Small Skip?

The more you know about the job at hand the easier it is to decide on what type of skip to choose. There are two common reasons likely to be at the forefront when that choice is made.

  • Cost

The smallest of skips naturally are going to be at a lesser cost than their formidable brothers. If your budget dictates keeping an eye on costs then it makes sense to order accordingly.

Mini-sized skips are one of the most cost-effective ways to dispose of waster for the domestic or smaller commercial purpose.

If you run a business, the need to have storage space for products or simply another desk can be easily done by getting rid of the unnecessary.

  • Space

We don’t all have large areas on which to place a skip bin. Restricted or smaller areas, particularly duplexes, units and other attached dwellings can cause a few headaches unless you plan.

Issues with turning local council’s head or impacted neighbours mumbling under their breath are to be avoided wherever possible.

Have a good look at the area you have to worth with. Measure twice, cut once - just to prevent gnashing of teeth all round.

If that's not your problem, maybe a smaller unit can be of help when used in conjunction with a bigger skip. One up the side of a property can save you some leg work dragging materials to a bigger skip located out the front.

Life’s Better with a Skip

Everyone wants waste removal to go smoothly. It will when you don’t forget the rules of the game. Material types are all important.

Just because they're a small skip bin doesn't mean they are a free-for-all for all sorts of waste.

Get that wrong and you will be punished severely and left wondering why your mum ever got tangled up with your pops.

Size limits and fill guides are another thing to keep in mind. A professional service will help you with all of this so don’t be concerned. It’s just helpful to know the facts.

Educate yourself on the rules and make this will be a positive experience.

Eliminate the unnecessary. Tip fees are a thing of the past. Let the pros handle it.

Your skip team will remove your unwanted and take it all to be recycled, and dispersed in the best ways possible.

A win-win for all.

Convinced? Then let’s move forward. Contact the best in the business for the best skip bin hire solution for you.

Visit our website or call us for a free quote on your small skip bin needs.

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