Using Skip Bins for Your Next Community Clean Up Project

Brent Taylor

Community means different things to different people. If you want to get technical about it, a community is defined as a group of people living in the same area, with similar characteristics.

It probably goes a lot deeper than that. In fact, communities these days offer the chance for individuals to make a positive difference to others and to their environment.

A community clean-up project may just be the thing for yours.

Many hands make light work, right?

The Benefits of a Community Clean Up

That’s easy.

Great communities have a few things in common. Cohesion, a sense of belonging, feelings of safety and other commonalities people share when they live in close contact. all make a great community something to be revered.

The wish to ensure the cleanliness of an area also becomes a common focal point.

Whether it’s communal grounds or an individual’s property, a good community spirit gives everyone the opportunity to make life better.

If you have decided to clear out a space for a community garden, or just as a helping hand for those people who need it most, clearing a space has never been easier.

Communities consist of people young and old, different nationalities and capabilities. For the elderly, poor mobility, age and medical conditions prevent some people from moving forward.

 A community clean-up project can help with that, and more.

Maintenance of community areas has many motivators. Adhering to health regulations, increased and improved community morale, or simply as a one off excuse for a street party are all perfectly good reasons to begin today.

Cleaner environment equate to clearer minds, and healthier outlook on life.

Why Skip Bins

It’s ok to strap on a bag and pick up rubbish along the side streets, but a larger scale project needs a larger scale solution. You need somewhere to house all the debris, garden waste, or old furniture accumulated on the day.

The alternative is a sea of garbage bags and uncontained, possibly dangerous items. It is unsightly, and in direct contrast with your ultimate goal.  

Skip bin hire is the stress free to make cleaning up easier, minus the headaches.

Small skip bin hire, or large skip bin hire, the bins are delivered and then taken away.

Problem solved.

Rules of the Game

Now for the important points. Knowing the kinds of waste allowable will save you time and aggravation.

Here’s a brief rundown of items that are allowed for your chosen skip bin, and those which are a definite no-no.

Light Waste

You can use your 'light' waste bin for:

  • household furniture and office goods and electrical goods
  • paper, plastic
  • green garden waste
  • toys & clothing

Items prohibited in 'light' waste bins include:

  • liquids
  • food waste
  • asbestos, fibreglass
  • paints, aerosols
  • chemicals, gas bottles
  • concrete, bricks, tiles
  • soil
  • hardwood timber
  • tree trunks (>300mm diameter)

Heavy Waste

In the case of heavy waste, please check with your Skip bin company.

You can use your 'heavy' waste bin for:

  • demolition waste, timber and household furniture
  • green waste
  • paper, plastics
  • packaging
  • metal, aluminium
  • concrete, brick, tiles
  • rocks

Items prohibited in 'heavy' waste bins include:

  • liquids
  • food waste
  • asbestos, fibreglass
  • paints, aerosols, chemicals, gas bottles
  • Large tree trunks (>300mm diameter)

 It may seem a lot to take on board, but it really is best to be safe rather than sorry. 

Skip Bins Work

Does Size Matter?  Yes. Especially for larger projects or ones where there may be an element of surprise as to the amount of waste collected.

Think about the size of skip bins you will need to hire for coming days.

It’s a good idea to overestimate the size if your project extends beyond one day. Planning for the unseen takes a bit more time, but is usually worth it in the end.

Remember, different kinds of waste will require different bins.

Have your skip bin placed strategically in common to areas ensuring workers don’t need to walk two blocks to find it.

From 2 meters to 30 meters and everywhere in-between, there is a skip to suit your project.

Project Manage with Help from the Best

Let’s be honest, cleaning up a community is a big project, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

It takes time and dedication but most importantly, it takes the right partnerships.

Your skip bin hire company needs to understand your end goal.

Ask for advice and take it if it’s offered. A great skip bin company know their business, and have had a lot of experience with people wanting to make the best of their environment.


Call today on 1800 422 945 and arrange your next project.

Your community will thank you for it.


Image : Unsplash

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