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Brent Taylor

Hi, I’m James, co-founder of Skip Bin Hire Australia - the future of Skip Bin Hire!

Is this an audacious statement? Yes.

Do I believe it’s true? Absolutely. As I will explain.

But first let me ask you a question…

Have you ever needed to book a skip bin?

Or will you need to book one soon?

If so, have any of the following been an issue for you…

  • Finding clear skip bin prices? Or knowing where to find cheap skip bins online
  • Information was lacking around important questions (e.g. what size bin to get? What you could put in it? How long you can keep it without penalty?)
  • Poor customer service?
  • Late drop-off or collection? Or perhaps a drop in the wrong spot?
  • Additional, hidden charges applied at the end of the booking?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, you are in safe company. 

My business partner and I had an experience of our own which ultimately led to the launch of Skip Bin Hire Australia.

We booked a skip for a client...and disaster struck

About a year ago, an important client of Pink Junk asked us to organise a skip bin for them. And keen to impress, we agreed.

But then disaster struck - the skip supplier didn't turn up on time. In fact they turned up late at night. Something I learned early the next morning...

"James, I don't know what you guys are playing at, but you need to sort this sh*t out pronto" was barked down the phone at me as I was getting my kids ready for school the next morning.

They'd dropped the bin in the clients driveway - which meant they couldn't get their car our and, the concreter (who'd just arrived) couldn't get up the drive and had to be sent away.

The skip bin supplier, although admittedly very cheap, didn't offer much to help us out - in fact they said they were busy and wouldn't come back to move it for 48 hours!

We were left embarrassed and out of pocket, with a very unhappy client to boot!

We decided to see if others had similar experiences

So we started researching to find out if other people were having the same troubles.

We noticed not only that there was a large percentage of unhappy clients, but also that the same complaints kept coming up again and again.

As my teachers would so often tell me, there was room for improvement

30 companies* surveyed, we found an average client satisfaction score of just 3.0 out of 5.0 stars!

NSW & VIC Skip Bin Hire Reviews Summary

*see an explanation of our research at the end of this article

We then tallied up a total of 924 complaints. The top 5 were:

  1. Late collection of bin
  2. Rude customer service staff
  3. Late drop off
  4. Don’t return calls
  5. Hidden costs / additional charges

And this was great news!

OK, not for the unfortunate souls who had a bad experience.

But from our perspective, it meant there was opportunity!

Because we had experienced all of those complaints (or comparable) during the early days of Pink Junk.

Like with most companies, they weren't caused by ill-will, but by a lack of proper systems, training or team members. So we had learnt the hard way, how to prevent them happening again.

So we KNEW that 99% of the skip bin industry complaints we recorded could be prevented with the right team and systems in place.

We knew we could do better

We started organising skip bins for some of our other existing clients.

But getting the best price out there isn't as easy as you might think..

We soon discovered that skip bin rates are affected by all sorts of factors, such as:

  • Proximity to the job (supplier travel time)
  • A supplier’s availability of particular bin types (e.g. some suppliers have more supply and are more competitive on certain bin sizes)
  • A supplier’s preference for waste types (e.g. a provider may have secondary income on-selling of some items, enabling them to be cheaper up front)
  • Often the most competitive businesses are smaller with lower overheads, but also lower marketing budgets, so harder to find
  • Seasonal demand drives prices up and down

So to secure the best prices then, we needed a selection of supply partners competing for your business.

This gave us the idea for a marketplace - allowing suppliers to compete for your business.

We wanted to simplify the whole process

Partly, because we are simple people (in a good way).

But also, because simple means easy. And we wanted our solution to be the easiest on the market.

As much as anything, simple is just good customer service!  

And Skip Bin Hire Australia was Born

And now, we’ve been up and running for 6 months. Booking over 300 bins in April and growing daily.

This is what we do for you

  1. Skip Bin Hire Australia is the easiest, fastest way to book a skip bin in Australia – whether through our website or our dream team of customer service specialists
  2. We are an online marketplace where you will find the best prices from carefully selected, reliable and trustworthy suppliers
  3. We don’t own, deliver or collect skip bins – instead we do the leg work for you, sourcing the best skip bin prices from our extensive supplier network.
  4. We constantly strive to improve your experience. Want to know how much does a skip bin costs to hire? Find out in two clicks. Want a bin now and pay later? We have you covered.
  5. We operate an extremely low-cost model that means we can work with quality suppliers and still provide the cheapest skip bin prices in Australia.

Here's How it Works

Skip Bin Hire Australia finding the best bin for you

We've done the hard work behind the scenes, finding the best local suppliers for whatever type of bin you need, wherever you are.

To find your best bin, just enter your postcode on the website or call our team.

So Let's Keep In Touch

Our Research

We google searched terms 'skip bin hire sydney' and 'skip bin hire Melbourne'

We recorded the top 15 organic results for each search - these were our companies.

We then recorded the star rating for each business across 6 different rating engines, being:

State Scores

Sydney companies faired generally better with an average star rating of 3.6 out of 5.0. With Melbourne a way behind with 2.4 our of 5.0 stars. The rating across the two cities was 3.0 out of 5.0.

Melbourne suffered due to several companies with really (really, really) low ratings. We considered removing them but; given that they are in the upper organic rankings and, continue to be used by customers, we simply couldn't.

To understand where the complaints were coming from, we went back through all reviews of 3.0 stars or less and recorded the complaints.

We found a total of 50 different complaint categories. When we tallied up the repetitions of each complaint, we had a total of 924*.

*Note: one review may contain several complaints (e.g. late delivery and rude office staff).

The top 10 complaints are:

Top 10 Skip Bin Hire Complaints NSW & VIC

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